Thursday, November 14, 2013


I spent the majority of my day googling baby clothes.

I know.


It started with smocked Christmas dresses.  THIS ONE!  I WANT THIS ONE!  And I use caps because I have looked at the whole damn internet, and I truly believe this is the best one out there.  But my sister-in-law and I might dress Dorothy and her cousin Lucy the same for Christmas which may change my mind.  But I might have to buy that dress anyway.  I got one on Zulily that ships today (!) but I ordered the wrong freaking size, so if it fits at all, she's going to have to start wearing it ASAP, which means she may not need another Christmas dress that she won't actually be wearing on Christmas.  Especially because she's part Jewish. DO YOU SEE HOW I HAVE OVER THOUGHT THIS??

Then Ben and I made plans to go Chrismukkah shopping next week, and I decided that maybe I should buy Dorothy all clothes since I will buy her clothes anyway.  So I have been filling virtual carts at Janie and Jack, Tea Collection, Mini Boden, and my old favorite Baby Gap.  But the thing is, what the hell size do I get?  6-12 months fits her perfectly, so I should probably get 12-18.  But her Northface bunting is 12-18 months, and it's HUGE.  Also, if 12-18 doesn't fit her for a few months, will her new clothes still be seasonal?  So I might be better off to buy her clothes as she needs them and get other holiday stuff.  But let's face it, people.  She doesn't know what the hell is going on, so any presents I buy her are mostly for my sake, so shouldn't I get something enjoyable for me?  Which brings us back to baby girl clothes.


Maybe I will order this and this and be done with it.  (Except not really because Hanukkah is 8 nights, and she needs a present mound o Christmas morning that at least approximates the boys', and I don't want to to give her all of her American Girl dolls now before she even thinks they're cool.)

OMG.  I need to make space in my head for something else.  Too much obsessing. 

Don't know why she was sad.  Like the frowny face though.
Back to normal
Jack and Other Jack watching Daniel Tiger
Cooper helped himself to a bunch of Oreos, licked the cream, and discarded the shells while I put Dorothy down for a nap at 8:30 am.
He also got this out for himself.
A little early for the holiday jams, sure, but reindeer butt.
Ha and J helped at the ice cream social tonight.  They LOVED "selling" ice cream.
Bah.  She can stand.  And get places.  And eat plant dirt.


  1. Anonymous10:42 PM

    The Oreos discarded on the ottoman while he's soo happy from the Creme may be my favorite Cooper picture ever! He looks so amused & proud.

    When I saw on FB that you were hunting for a smocked dress I thought "Zulily!" so I'm glad to see you found something there. My Nana made me hand-smocked dresses when I was little. They are pretty restrictive where they are smocked so enjoy putting her in them now because she'll complain later.

  2. LOVE the smocking! So so sweet.

    I can't believe she is standing up! Does this mean Mary will one day too? Impossible!

  3. the random plate of shredded cheese. with a fork. preshus. But not quite as preshus as reindeer butt. oh my head!