Monday, November 04, 2013


WTAF?  I scheduled the inane blather below to post on Sunday, and I didn't check on it because I had actual shit to do yesterday unlike today, so I was coming here to blog about our busy fun weekend and bam!  No post yesterday.  But it was a Blogger FAIL, not a me FAIL, so I am going to keep on NaBloPoMo-ing, kay?)  So, here's Monday's little ball of nothing:

Can I just tell you, my food standards start SO HIGH every fall and then plummet plummet plummet right about this time of year.  I am crock-potty and well-planned family dinner-y as soon as there is a hint of chill in the air.  I make shit out of whole pumpkins frequently.  I pick my own apples and make shit with them, and then we get busy, and the wheels fall off the bus, and everyone eats rotisserie chicken and soup lovingly prepared by the Whole Foods deli EVERY DAY.

This year, I blame hockey because we have it 3 nights a week, and I have my meeting 1 night a week, and that's the majority of the damn week.

But truth be told, it is not hockey's fault.  

For one thing, I have stopped making shopping lists (which has led, among other things, to a $400/week grocery bill).  For another, Cooper sucks at the grocery store, and we just start grabbing organic steam-in-the-bag veggies in the produce department (that cost about 4 times the price of un -packaged veggies, but un-packaged veggies have to be washed and cooked, and the bagged ones can be thrown striaght in the microwave), throwing a ton of organic chicken in our cart, making sure we are full to bursting with organic honey crisp apples and bam!  That's dinner most nights. And  Ben and I are so happy to clean it up and ut everyone to bed and make kale chips to eat on the couch that we just don't care too much about changing it up.  Most extreme food rut I've ever been in. 

This year, I have the extra task of mashing up food for the baby, which is actually delightful.  A baby turning 6 months in the midwest fall gets to eat a lot of delightful local produce, and I have had a fantastic time making all of her food, but even that is starting to get boring.  How many sweet little BPA free containers of fresh pears and butternut squash can one little girly eat?  WE WILL SOON FIND OUT.

Because we have axed processed foods (Trader Joe's addicting snacks aside), HFCS and GMOs, I have been baking all our cookies, and let me tell you, this is no sacrifice-- except to the waistline.  But I am back in the saddle and hope to weight myself on Thursday.  THE EXCITEMENT NEVER ENDS.

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  1. I need to get back on the quality food horse. We have been knocked down big time by the semester and the four children and we don't even have hockey! Just choir and scouts! What are we going to do when everyone has activities???

    It is supposed to be in the forties tonight which usually motivates me to cook, so the rest of the week should be pretty good.