Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Adventurous Baby

I have been really into Pioneer Woman brown sugar oatmeal cookies ( a couple weeks ago I threw in a bag of Trader Joe's peanut butter chips-- a really good addition), and I made a double batch of them for our thing Saturday night.  But as I baked, I had 4 kids underfoot, and I got flustered and dropped an egg into the mixer shell and all.  This was the second time I had bought ingredients for these cookies because on Friday, I accidentally bought steel cut oats which SPOILER ALERT do not work in cookies.  I salvaged the batter but kept finding little pieces of shell, so I didn't serve them to our guests, meaning I have been eating them ever since.  They don't sound exciting, but I think they might be the most perfect cookie in the universe.  I like them better than the big fat chewy chocolate chip cookies and the peanut butter chip cookies (my own recipe-- part traditional chocolate chip only with about a can of peanut butter, a bag of chocolate chunks, and a bag of peanut butter chips) I baked on Friday.

I celebrated losing my 11th pound by polishing off ALL THE REST of the brown sugar oatmeal cookies today.  Good thing I promised the kids pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for their Thursday playdate or I might just start eating the chocolate chips straight from the bag.  I need a freshly baked dessert on my counter every second of every day.

Harry gets his reading homework out of the way BEFORE school-- we read over breakfast, and it is so fun!  This morning I got to read, and the kids really wanted to hear the Sesame Street Hanukkah book we got at the book fair.  Harry also does his math homework (reviewing facts) in the morning, usually on his iPad, but this morning he was inspired by our reading material to figure out how many candles we burn during Hanukkah. 

 37 was the final result.  He ended up counting the shamash, but only once because the last night is the only night we let it burn all the way out.
 Jack wrote numbers in his notebook and kept saying "Get these babies off of me."
 The Harry filled out his reading log.
 Dorothy got even more adventurous with her standing trick
 She played with a couple of Jack's Little People ladies all day long.
 The plant!
 She cannot resist its siren song.
 There is still dirt on the floor even because I forgot to vacuum it before she went to bed.
 She stood at the firehouse for awhile tonight
 She tried to make the move from firehouse to toy box, but she couldn't figure out how to let go of the plane she was carrying
 And then she fell down.


  1. Anonymous3:17 AM

    I love the look of glee on Dorothy's face as she and her partner in crime try to disrupt big brother's math time.

  2. Holy overachieving baby!