Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Here's baby no-nap playing after I blogged that she never sleeps. Shortly after this picture was taken, she slept for about 28 minutes and then was all you should be grateful, Mother. And the sad thing is? I SO WAS.
The boys filled their little carts full of food pantry Thanksgiving wish-list items
They had wicked fun.
Today, Robo-Baby fell asleep in her car seat after Little Gym and didn't wake up until 3:15-- that's 2.5 hours.  AND she took a 2+ hour morning nap because she woke up after 45 minutes, but I ignored her to finish an email and by the time my email was done, she was back to sleep.  It was awesome.
I am sitting in the basement with the babies staring at the ridiculous aftermath of a playdate while Ben and the bigs are at hockey.  I am one measly presentation script away from VICTORY.  If I keep this pace up, I could be completely done with this semester and completely prepped for spring by Thanksgiving, which would give me 9 weeks of slothdom punctuated by occasional meetings.  And then I will be teaching again which is less stressful to me than this ginormous project and it's one class, one day a week, which is great.  On the negative side, I am teaching in a building I have never even heard of, which is kind of screwy.

Ok.  A thousand toys to clean up, two babies to bathe and bed, one presentation script to write and a couple hours of assorted other online course development work.  BRING IT, WEDNESDAY NIGHT.


  1. Kick ass! You sound like you're owning Wednesday!

  2. I live in awe of what you accomplish in a day. For real.