Friday, May 06, 2011

Pool Blues

We joined a pool today, and not the lovely awesome pool we joined last summer. That pool was PERFECT in every way but one: it was right by campus, and we are not right by campus. I have been pool shopping for weeks now, and I finally picked one that is 3 miles away from home. But it just doesn't look as *nice* as the one we loved last year. I know I need to quit freaking whining because there are much bigger problems to have. I get that. I do. But I am about to go from cutely pregnant to totally fucking huge and I would like a nice body of water to float in everyday when the temperature reaches 80 degrees, you know? So the pool thing seems really important to me is what I am saying.

Okay, so pool-- check. (And it offers evening swim lessons, which is great for us because the boys are in preschool all summer. And there's brunch every Sunday which sounds pretty cute or gross like those scenes in Deuce Bigelow when the pimp eats ice cream and burgers in the hot tub. Either way-- I'll try it).

Now I need to know what to wear to the pool. Last summer, despite tube after over-priced tube of not-so-toxic suncreen, I got TAN. Like seriously tan. Like fruit leather skin in my future tan. So this summer, I am thinking about buying 2 or 3 of these:

and a few pairs of these

and some giant hats.

All from Athleta, by the way, which I love.

The thing is, I don't want to look like a total idiot, but I also don't want scary moles. What do you guys think? Will I look like I am trying to hide my size (because I am not-- I actually usually wear a bikini when giantly pregnant because I have so shame)? Or just like I want to be sun safe?

Harry and Jack wore long-sleeved rash guards all summer and hats and sunscreen and barely got any color at all-- but I was "brown as a berry" as my grandma Betty used to say.


  1. I say cover up and don't worry about what everyone else thinks. I was wondering if I should do something similar. Thankfully, our baby pool has an awning over it so you are never in the sun. It's not for sun protection, it's because by mid-June it's too hot to be out in the sun, even if you are at the pool. 80? Sounds like heaven. already.

  2. you won't look (too) crazy - just like you care about sun protection. THIS is crazy:

  3. Atleta makes such cute rash guards and bathing suits, you will totally look like you are cute and wanting to keep out of the sun. I have a suit and rash guard combo from them that I just love. Before splurging on that suit, I always burned and got too much sun. The Atleta long sleeve rash guard I have is surprisingly cool (temperature-wise), which will be good when you're in the third trimester.

    Also, I have neighbors who dress every day like the link Kate posted. They wear full gloves and long sleeves and hats everywhere.

  4. Rash guards are becoming more and more popular. So, I think you will look fine.

    Most of the pools around us are indoors (probably because we live in a desert and they don't want to loose too much water), so I am "lucky" in that aspect. I do have a rash guard jacket I tend to wear in our backyard. I need to find a hat that doesn't make me look TOO silly this summer...