Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not a lot going on.

My biggest accomplishment today (besides bleaching the shower grout to a sparking white) was that we stuck to our shopping list at Whole Foods, successfully avoiding $10/lb garlic green beans from the deli and the whole pie case. I admit, the piepass was hard for me, but I was so excited to have discovered organic peaches, the first of the season and my one impulse buy of the trip, that I barely stole a second glance at my favorite pie, the unfortunately named "fudge-bottom." Now where are all the organic grapes and cherries? Because the overflowing displays of conventionally farmed grapes and cherries are killing me-- my mouth is watering every time I pass them.

I had blood drawn for my glucose test the other day, and my doctor also ordered a blood count. The results of it came to my phone app yesterday (I LOVE that all of my tests are sent straight to my electronic chart which I can access via iPhone app), and it looks like I am a titch low on the red blood cells, hemoglobin, and something else that starts with "hem." So I am assuming my iron is low? I'll ask my doctor next week, but for now I am stocking up on red meat and spinach. I have also been neglecting to remember my prenatal vitamin and have the wicked charlie horses to prove it, so maybe that's a factor, too? Anyone else lean toward anemia in pregnancy? What did you do about it?

In a minute, I am going to put Harry to bed after reading some Harry Potter 2, and Ben and I are going to grill steak and eat a big spinach salad and watch the first of the last Harry Potter movies. Sort of like a date, right?


  1. I had to take iron with AJU5. Since then I have added a little more red meat and have been okay (other than the miscarriage when I was REALLY low). But, I have also taken prenatals a lot earlier (I didn't know I was pregnant with her until 6-7 weeks), so I think that helps. Also take/intake a good amount of Vitamin C, as it helps with the absorption of iron.

    And way to go no the desserts! I had some today at a pot luck, but only because AJU5 didn't eat what she asked for...

  2. Mmmm, fudge bottom.

    I'm struggling to pass up desserts like a normal person after living the last five-ish years as a gestating person. It was fun while it lasted.

    I am loving all the good fruit right now too!

  3. One pomegranate a day!!

  4. Hematocrit? Yea, if your RBC, Hemoglobin and Hematocrit are all three a touch low, then it's suggestive of anemia. Increase your iron intake. You're doing well ;o)

  5. I am super anemic pretty much all the time due to awesome digestive and absorption issues. I have to make sure I eat red meat at least occasionally, and I take iron supplements twice a day. Definitely take vitamin C with your iron - it helps the absorption, and if you can split when you take it with when you take the prenatal (one in the am, one in the pm)that helps too.