Monday, May 30, 2011

Pool day!

This is Harry before we went to the pool (Jack was screaming "Me no go swimming! Me stay home!" at this moment and had been ever since I pulled out the sunscreen).

This is Harry after swimming. Note he got sunburned in two little places UNDER HIS EYES, the only places on his body where I didn't cover him with UPF cloth or slather him with sunscreen (because who puts sunscreen in their freaking LASH LINE?). Why don't my kids have any pigment?

Jack was okay once we got to the pool. He sat by the side and splashed before Ben got there, and after Ben came to the pool, he and Jack partied it up in the baby pool. Which was hose-water freezing. As was the lower pool. I jumped in (because the heated upper pool was super crowded, and I thought the lifeguards were just being big babies when they told us that we'd like the upper pool better), and I instantly jumped back out because the water was so cold I could not breathe. OMG. The diving pool was supposedly frigid, too, but I took the lifeguards' word for that one. I hope the lower pool warms up soon, though, because it was super crowded today.

I actually don't like this pool as well as the one we joined last year. It's just not as nice. No one is reminding anyone to shower. The lounge chairs leave that weave pattern on my thighs. You can eat anywhere you want, and some kids were eating Jiff out of a jar on the upper pool deck when we got there. Who does that? A kid was also eating Doritos in the baby pool. WTH? But it's about 10 miles closer to our new house than last year's pool. So. Also, Harry LOVED it.

I, by the way, LOVED wearing a rlong-sleeved rash guard. So easy! So much less sunscreen! No tan lines! Genius!

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  1. My kids get sunburned there too. I don't like putting sunscreen so close to their eyes because it invariably gets rubbed into their eyes and then there is screaming and we all have to go home. Hats maybe? I feel like such a dweeb putting them in a rashguard, life vest (Wes), AND a hat. They're like little poster children for overprotective mothers.