Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mothers' Day

Harry woke up at 5:40 this morning because he was so excited to give me the present he made at school, which was all wrapped up in a heavily taped ball of tissue paper. He has been telling me for days that it is beautiful and has a shell and I can wear it.

A broach! It does, indeed, have a shell and a lot of hot glue.

And bonus! Jack made one, too!

They really dress up a plain tishirt, huh?

Harry had a moment of panic at breakfast where he realized that he ordered french toast and what he really wanted was plain toast. With eggs. But surprise! He loved french toast.

Jack consumed a ridiculous amount of syrup and bacon for someone who only weighs 30-odd pounds.

When we left the restaurant, Ben and I were glad the kids got up so freaking early because there was an hour wait and people lined up around the building and some guy in a reflecty vest directing traffic. Yikes.

We spent the rest of the morning at a park where Harry wore 3-D glasses, natch.

Once the kids were good and crabby, we hit up Old Navy to buy them some summer clothe (i.e. ironic t-shirts, polos, and plaid shorts), and I exchanged all the swimwear I bought last night-- except the rash guards-- for maternity suits from Motherhood and Target that have more fabric than I would normally wear to play tennis. Voluminous.

A great Mothers' day. I hope you all had fun, too!

ETA: Oh! I forgot Harry's favorite part of the day-- watching a hawk EAT a baby rabbit and watching the mom rabbit try to fight the hawk while he and Ben grilled dinner. There's a Mothers' Day message in there for sure.


  1. Ok, this post made me laugh and then gasp in horror at the part about the baby bunny. I would have cried. But, my Ebeth would have also been interested in that scenario.

  2. It's crazy how matter-of-fact they are about death! Kind of bugs me how they always rescue the "poor animals" from their natural predators on Wild Kratts, you know? Not that they need kiddie Discovery Channel or something.

    Looks like a great Mother's Day! Aren't little boys the best?

  3. Tripod7:04 PM

    I love the proud expectancy on the boys' postures and expressions as you opened your gifts! They are beautiful! Congratulations