Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Swim lessons suck

This week, we did make it into our swim clothes (all 3 of us-- fun times), but as soon as Jack had his trunks on, he lost his shit and tried to tear them off his body. Because I am stupid and a glutton for punishment, we were 35 minutes early and planning to all 3 swim together at open swim before lessons. I carried a progressively more hysterical Jack onto the pool deck, telling him over his screams that he and I would sit on the edge and watch Harry, figuring he would calm the fuck down. Not so much. Then Harry freaked out because I tried to put a float belt on him, and he hasn't worn one of those in MONTHS. The indignity was too much for him. But I said since I wasn't getting in, he needed one. Then he started jumping up and down screaming, meaning I had 2 hysterical kids, so we left. Which was exactly what Jack wanted and did not sit well with Harry, who came home and pulled all the arms and legs off Jack's favorite Power Rangers. We had lunch and then went back for open swim. Harry and I swam, and Jack sat on the edge, inching closer and closer to the water. I pulled him in briefly when he was flat on his tummy trying to blow bubbles in the water, but he clung so tight, I set him right back on the edge. We are all 4 going to open swim tomorrow night.


  1. Magical and special!!!

    I have zero patience for screaming right now. Which is not good considering with the three the odds of someone screaming at any given moment are pretty damn good.

  2. So, I'm not quite sure where to put this as I don't have your direct email address...but we share 1/8 or our DNA and I hope one day to be a mom - and while you're completely honest about it, I still want it (crazy I know). I've be quietly reading your blog this whole time. And all I can say is 'holy shit!'. anyhow, I hope to hit you up for advice and guidance if the time comes and OMG (really we're millennials so it's okay to say it) you're boys are beyond adorable. Swimming; who knew it would produce such 'drama'?

  3. sounds like so much funnnnnnnnn!!!

    We are in the same boat with Ethan right now; he was doing such a great job & then a new teacher came in & made him take off his goggles--enter his deathly fear of getting his eyes wet. Aaaaaand now we do nothing but scream for 30 minutes. It's delightful.

    I hope tomorrow is better!

  4. Jen Selock8:44 AM

    Does Jack have a friend who loves to swim? Owen has a friend who loves to swim, at least he would get into the pool when his friend was swimming.... like I said before, I SO know what you're going through..... keep trying, he's got to get over his "fear" of swimming, and I put that in quotes, because I don't even know if the kids are afraid of swimming if it's just a control issue and a power struggle. I know it sucks donkey balls, but keep on trying.....

  5. What a grand time for you. I bet you were so happy Ben was at work.