Wednesday, May 04, 2011

OMFG. Swim Lessons.

Last week, when I let Harry's swim teacher just sort of toss Jack in the water?

Bad call.

This week, he spent the entire lesson clinging to my chest and sobbing, fully clothed.

He even had a nightmare about swimming last night-- we was yelling no, no and crying in his sleep. When I asked him this morning if he has any bad dreams, he said, "No me go in the water."

In conclusion, I get to go in the water next week. Jack said "We be partners."


  1. "we be pardners". How freaking cute is that? How could you possibly say no?

    I taught swim lessons for over 7 years. You'll just have to be patient. If he liked it before, he'll like it again, but it'll have to be at his pace. Frustrating? Yes. But it's way more important that he feel safe in the water than anything else.

    I have total water safety issues and I sounded bossy in that last part. But, according to Evan, I'm just a bossy person. I blame it on being a first born child. :)

  2. Poor baby!! I am a big proponent of forcing kids to do things too, though, so I'd probably be in the same spot. Good times!

  3. I am a forcer, too. In this instance, I would get in this time but play the big person card. Tell him that you don't have to go in the pool because you already know how to swim. Once he knows how to swim, if he doesn't want to go in the pool, he won't have to. By the time he learns to swim, he'll love it so much you'll never get him out. And if he remembers, then maybe he really doesn't like to swim.

    Or, you could try the waterpark bribery trick. Promise them a trip to a waterpark with waterslides, etc. Really build it up with Harry, basically telling him he can go anywhere and do any slide because he knows how to swim and does such a great job in the water. Tell Jack he can't go in anything but the baby part because he doesn't know how to swim. It might annoy him enough to get back in the pool and learn. And of course, if you have to make good on the trip, send Ben.

  4. We made no progress in that way. We did a lot of one on one every week and then tried lessons at a different place. Much better...much more about feeling comfortable. Now he'll go on his back and even get his face wet.

  5. I must be a pushover because I would get in the water with my kids and not force them for fear I'll ruin their swimming experiences for life. I'm sure whatever you do, he'll be swimming in no time!

  6. Jen Selock8:59 AM

    Went through this with Owen, we did the private lesson thing with him, and it worked! After swim lessons he asks, actually begs to stay for open swim. He also passed his swim test, they have to swim 50M without touching the bottom or the sides or stop, he passed, I think it was one of my most proudest moments, that and when he was potty trained *lol* Just stick it out, it gets better and easier.... Do whatever works for him.

  7. I am afraid of fear by AJU5 this summer. And since AJU6 will be int he mommy-tot class with me, I don't know how much help I will be. She loves the water ONCE she gets in and settled. But, she definitely has moments...
    I would practice with him as much in a bathtub as possible (blowing bubbles, floating, etc). Hopefully with that and you in the water, you can stay dry soon!

  8. Tripod6:06 PM

    I would definitely be Jack's partner! That's so CUTE!