Thursday, May 26, 2011

Glucose challenge. Fun times.

The 1 hour glucose tolerance test is gross. The orange drink is gross. The ensuing jittery sugar high is gross. The following blood-sugar crash is gross. And all while sitting in the (gross) basement lab at my doctor's office with no internet access. Gross. And I have been super bitchy and tired ever since because I wanted to spread the fun to my whole family. Because I am a giver.

As an added bonus, the phlebotomist who finally drew my blood after I had been sitting for an eternity on a supremely uncomfortable bench reading Seventeen, said it was a good thing I am having 3 kids "in case one of them sucks." And she would know, she claimed, because one of hers "sucked," so she was glad she had the other two. Wow.

I passed the test-- phew!-- and can continue to binge on pastries and candy.

On a related note, I am getting fat. FAT. Quickly. Maybe it's the pastries and candy?


  1. Woah, a phlebotomist with issues cannot be a good thing.

    Bring on the carbs!

  2. Wow! You get fast results (it takes 2 days to get results here, so my doc had me go 3-5 days before my appointment).
    Also, I don't get the sugar high, but I felt terrible that day1 My doc recommends no food or drink for an hour before. Since I had to take the kids with me, it ended up being about 2 hours before we got there. So, I went over 3 hours without food, and I was miserable and felt terrible the rest of the day. But, luckily where I go lets you leave. I just had to chug the drink in front of them and come back and hour later for the blood draw.

    Glad you passed! I think we will need to motivate each other to lose this baby weight. I am up higher than I was with my first two at this point, which scares me a little...

  3. I used to love orange soda until I had to do both the 1-hour and the 4-hour glucose tests with both of my pregnancies. You should be allowed to choose what color that gross sugar drink is, or they should just make it purple since there is no purple soda and then people would not have to be crabby for life about missing out on orange soda.

  4. Jen Selock8:19 AM

    They make a lemon lime flavored one, I've found it's more tolerable than that disgusting orange. They also make a cola flavored one, but I've never had that one. The orange one has made me never to drink orange pop, the orange drink from McDonalds, right now I am gagging from just thinking about it! Try doing the 3 hour test and having to drink it twice!!!! *gag*

  5. Wow. I made Evan read it and he laughed very hard at the phlebotomist.

  6. my first pregnancy (when I was still eating like a relatively normal person because I didn't go all insane cookies/cake/candy person until AFTER I gave birth) I did the glucose test, and because I worked in the dr office downstairs from the lab I was allowed to drink the orange drink (which I kind of like *cringe*) and then work for the hour it has to sit before I went to get my blood drawn. I made it 57 minutes, and then threw up. Which means I had to get a finger stick the next week, which no one ever told me I had to fast for, so I totally had a pancake breakfast before I went. Whoops

    also, I'm not surprised one of that lady's kids sucked - um, hello? why wouldn't it? I used to say I'm having more so we have spares in case we need to sell one.

  7. Tripod9:51 AM

    I think it's a good strategy to say that 1 of your 3 kids sucks, and not say who it is. Then they all try not to be the suck-y one!