Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blragh: Foiled at the Pool

Harry has a playdate this morning, so I asked this guy

what he wanted to do. He said go to the pool "only us" because he wanted to jump in. I slithered into a maternity suit and crammed his feet into his Tevas faster than you could say hysterical temper tantrum, and we ran to the Y only to find that the pool is closed for the day due to chemical imbalance. Fudge.
Randomly, here is my lovely and delicious birthday cake:

My cute new Cubs shirt

And Harry helping me blow out the candles

Also? Bridesmaids was hilarious. I laughed until I cried at 2 separate points in the movie. But, it was reaaaaaaly long. Still, we loved it!


Anonymous said...

Maybe he just wants alone time with Mommy, and is even willing to go to the pool to be with you...Bomma

Becca said...

Darn it now I want some cake. Happy birthday! You look great!

sarah said...


bummer about the pool being closed, but that is a great step forward that he wanted to go!!!

AJU5's Mom said...

The pool thing is just funny. I wonder if he somehow "knew" it wasn't going to work to go swimming... Hopefully it is a positive step though!