Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Oh, swim lessons.

I have thrown in the towel.

We all 4 went to the pool today, and Jack talked a good game about getting in the water,, but as soon as we entered the pool area, he burst into hysterical tears. He and Ben ended up sitting on the edge of the pool (nowhere NEAR swim lessons) while I swam in the (kind of disgusting, if you really want to know the truth) water and tried to entice Jack into swimming with me. He screamed and scooted backwards every time I got near him.


I don't want to waste my pool membership this summer (oh! the horror!), so I am going to be optimistic and hope that he likes swimming outside this year as much as he did last year. Otherwise, I am going to the pool when he and Harry are at preschool or when Ben is home. (Which? Between the 2 of those things? Means I can still go everyday).

Have I mentioned that the kids will maintain their 3 day a week preschool schedule all summer? They will! And I am SO EXCITED. Ben teaches twice a week in June and July, so I will never be hugely pregnant and alone with both kiddos. Hurray! ANd I teach 4 days a week for 4 weeks and then? No more teaching until late January. Crazy.

In the fall, though, things are getting dicey. Harry is in kindergarten 5 full days a week (all kindergarten is full-day here-- is that weird? What's it like where you live?), and Jack will do 5 mornings of preschool (just 2.5 hours a day), and the baby will be home with Ben and/or me. Lots of kid-time in our future, huh?

These guys are already acting like teeny teenagers. Sometime after breakfast they borrowed our phones and retreated to their room, where they played quietly for a really long time before it occurred to us that we should maybe check on them. The AAP would totally count this as screen time, huh?


  1. Totally jealous of your summer preschool. I am so annoyed that ours has summer break. Why do three year olds need a summer break, exactly? You know who needs a summer break? ME!

    That will be a lifesaver pregnant, though.

    I can't believe Harry's in kindergarten!

  2. I need to adopt your everyday pool schedule. I loved that about summers growing up!

    Kindergarten here is mornings only, but with one or two "late" days a week (until 2pm). The variability should make scheduling nice and fun.

    Our preschool has a summer session, just 4 weeks, but we are traveling so much this summer that we will have no defined childcare until September.

    A&Z swipe our phones and vanish in silence as well. It always amazes me how well they can work the phone -- Aidan knows how to do things I don't!

  3. Pekin's is full day kindergarten. Here, it's half day for most classes with 2 full day classes that everyone has to put their name in for lottery style because everyone WANTS full day kindergarten. I'm hoping and praying that kindergarten in Texas is full day. For real.

    So, they don't have many out door pools out here because the temps in the summer get super low at night, but in Texas they have outdoor pools open ALL YEAR LONG!!! I am so freaking excited! We used to spend every day of the summer in Illinois at the pool and haven't in over 2 years and I am twitchy about it.

  4. Well, as you already know I have the kids basically 24/7. But, I am excited that we are down to only two things at night - church as a family on Sundays and church that only AJU5 and I attend normally on Wednesdays. That means more relaxing for me!

    Oh, and I hope our swim lessons go better than yours have. I am signing the kids up for two sessions, so we will see...

  5. kindergarten in full day here too - Izzy will go from 9am to 4pm everyday. I was pretty surprised at that, and we'll see how it goes. it's going to be a big adjustment from 2.5 hours 3 days a week to 7 hrs 5 days a week. I am expecting some crankiness

  6. Well, thank you since your blog just helped answer my FB message to you this morning. Our kindergarten here is half day only and I'm really bummed because I know Bella would thrive on a full day. But I'm still on the fence about putting my 3 yr old in a 3 day a week vs. 5 day a week preschool. Seriously, if I'm fretting so much now imagine what kind of freak I'm going to be come college time. Aggghh.

  7. It's a teeny screen, so it counts as a third of the screen time as TV. I just made that up, thank me later.

    Emmie's done with school next week and Jack isn't done for a MONTH. Camp for both (3x/week for three hours) starts in five weeks. It's going to be good times.