Saturday, May 07, 2011


I was a very good consumer this weekend. We went to North Face, REI, and Title NIne and stocked up on sporty stuff we don't really need (rash guards for me and the kids, hats for the kids, Tevas for the kids, large silly bikinis for me, shoes for Ben-- okay, some of that stuff was necessary). I bought super cute rash guards from Title Nine and super cheap swimsuits from Target with padded bikini tops that conveniently come with boobs already in them. I tried everything on at home and didn't totally hate it, so I am going to take that as a win. Yay summer!

We went to a cupcake bakery last night for dessert. Jack was saying the whole way there that he hoped they had pink ones.

Harry was delighted with chocolate chocolate chip.

He almost fell asleep in the car today, and as he nodded off, he said, "I wish we lived closer to a cupcakery." Indeed. (Also? It's like 5 miles from our front door).


  1. Haha, don't you love the four year old attitude? Look at him leaning back in that chair! Also, now I want a cupcake. And I will be ordering my swimsuit from Lands End. WELCOME TO THIRTY, HERE'S YOUR FULL COVERAGE SUIT WITH TUMMY CONTROL.

  2. What? When were you at title nine? I was totally working on Saturday.