Sunday, May 22, 2011


I spent a really stupid amount of time trying to figure out the Bluetooth in my car today. I got it, finally, but apparently I don't enunciate very well because the weird phone set-up robot lady always asks "Pardon?" Now I need to figure out how to sync my address book because right now I have to dial by number, and I end up screaming (garbled, apparently) numbers at the phone robot lady for way too long. I am sure that all of this is way less distracting than just talking on the damn phone while I drive.

I took Harry to a birthday party at a park today, and I was worried that it was going to be a parallel parking situation, but thankfully the park had a parking lot. I love my van, but I don't think I have reached the point (will ever reach the point) where I will be able to place it neatly between 2 other cars.

The party was super fun-- all the kids and parents know each other by now. The food was great; the not pregnant parents drank beer in the sun which is the best way to drink beer. The birthday cake was the best ever (the dad is a baker), and the entertainment trifecta (caricature artist, face painter, and balloon sculptor) kept the kiddies busy. It was exactly the kind of party I have been begging Harry to have for his b-day. But no. We have invited 2 dozen kids to Chuck E. Cheese's. Pray for me.

Here's Harry a few hours after the party modeling his smudgy lion face with gusto:


  1. Haha, AWESOME lion face.

    And I rarely parallel park my barn of a car. There have to be two open spaces, actually. Ryan however, jammed it into the tiniest space ever when we were hanging out with Amy and Josh then raved all night about our free parking spot. He's a rockstar.

  2. he looks remarkably different with that lion face - I'm not sure I would have recognized him!