Saturday, May 21, 2011

Swagger Wagon

Truth be told, Harry would have been happy with any car that has XM radio because now he doesn't have to stop listening to radio Disney. Ever. (I am actually happy with XM, too, because I love listening to MSNBC in the car. When I only listen to Air America, I find myself nodding in agreement but increasingly out of touch with the rest of middle America. Srsly, the Walker victory totally shocked me-- people like republicans? Here? In my state? Oh, yeah. I live in a red state. My bad.).

I really like that I can plug my iPod in with a USB instead of just an auxiliary cord and scroll through my songs with the controls on my steering wheel. Helps make being the kids' personal DJ a little easier. The Bluetooth is good, too, because I don't have to mess with my headphones when I want to make a call. The backup camera is good for me, since I generally suck at backing up, and I am so glad to have my own damn armrest when I am riding with my husband the arm rest hog.

But really, all the things I love most are things I'd love about any new car, since my 3 y/o Camry was just a liiiiiittle to old to have cool stuff come standard.

Jack likes being in his very own row; Harry digs the way-back, and Ben has been itching to drive a minivan since Harry was a plus sign on a pee-stick. None of us likes the whole 18 miles-to-the-gallon thing, but options for hauling 3 kids are surprisingly limited. I wanted an SUV or a crossover since my mileage was going to be crap anyway, but the 3rd row in most of those cars ate up all the cargo room, and the ones with a 2nd row bench that could fit 3 kids across seemed to spell head injury for the new baby crammed in the middle. When our parents come to town, it will be handy not to have to caravan everywhere we go, too, and I will never again have to wedge myself between 2 car seats in order to fit a extra passenger.

We brought the kids and our iPads loaded up with movies for them (because I don't want a TV in my car, but I'll have one very other damn place I go), and we bought it in 3 hours from start to finish-- a car-buying record for sure. But we have been trolling car lots for months, and we were dead set on the Sienna when we left on the Camry's last ride. Plus we're a Toyota family (our last 5 cars have been Toyotas), so my Acadia flirtation was bound to pass (but srsly, that car is AWESOME, and I have my sights set on it for next time when we are down a car seat). WHat can I say? We are loyal to a dealership with awesome snacks and playrooms. Priorities.

Just so you know, Harry is definitely watching the Justin Beiber documentary in this picture

Harry got to ring the happy-new-car-day gong, and he did it with gusto

All Jack wanted to do was jump in showroom cars and drive them. I was happy to let him, until they brought our car around, and then I was all, "Hey man, be careful with my new ride."

Jack patiently waited for us to be oriented to our new car. And I should have paid better attention instead of taking pictures because we sat outside for 10 minutes trying to figure out how to make radio Disney only play in the back of the car for the love of all that is good and holy.

Harry was levitating with excitement.

Lots of room

Ahh, an inaugural car nap during which Ben and I drove around our new neighborhood and complained about people having untidy porches. We're awesome neighbors.

I wore gym clothes because we were picking the car up on our way to the gym at 9 this morning (we did the actual buying yesterday), but one thing led to another, and after the gym we went to lunch and the the grocery store and now it is 2:30, and I am still in my gym clothes-- does this ever happen to you?)

Also, it does not fit in our current garage, so keep your fingers crossed for no hail for the next month or so, kay?


  1. I love it! and I'm super jealous that you got a new car because I'm still driving my old Explorer that I've had for five years, and my husband got a new car (well, it's an old car, but new to him), and everybody has new rides but me! Wah, I'm a whiny baby.

    Also - I always get stuck in my workout clothes. last week I got up and got dressed for the gym and somehow we never managed to go so I just wore workout clothes all day and never even worked out. And because they hadn't been sweated in, I put them on again the next morning, and STILL didn't get to the gym. So I wore the same workout clothes two days in a row and never even made it to the gym. Pathetic

  2. I love my Acadia. We got the bucket seats, so it fits 7 and we have constant access to the back row. We have fit 8 in technically, but I don't know if it was legal (and was only for a short trip to dinner twice).

    And your shopping experience - PERFECT! We spent about 8 hours total, but we bought used so we haggled a lot. I wish we had a few more accessories, but we got a bottom end one which is fine. I still have Bluetooth (love) and the connections for mp3 players, so we are fine.

    Enjoy the new van!

  3. Anonymous7:55 PM

    so glad you are enjoying your purchase...the boys look so comfortable...Like the backup camera, must be genetic..what about Oliver for the new little one, better than some names and could be Ollie again.

  4. Welcome to the club!! Isn't it wonderful? Vans do seem to be a better way to go than SUVs for three kids... the cargo area thing was a dealbreaker for us. So was having to climb over a seat to strap whoever was in the back in.

    And the black is WAY cool!

  5. Wow, mom van!

    We had a minivan in Orlando last week and I really do believe the MDX we have works better for us. Jack can buckle himself, though, and adores being able to climb over the seat when we get in and out of the car..

  6. Tripod1:18 PM

    As long as there are no racing stripes,it's beautiful.
    I just think that a Dad driving a minivan with racing stripes is just sad!