Monday, May 02, 2011

About last night

Oh my god, you guys. Last night, Ben and I were minding our own business, casually perusing the internet and watching Amazing Race on DVR. Ben looked up from his computer (because he usually trolls news sites while I am all about shopping or asking Facebook friends to join me on a random month of blogging) and said Hey, the president is addressing country in a half an hour.

On a Sunday?

Ben looked really freaked out and started furiously clicking between windows. My fingers started tingling and I thought of that scene in Titanic where the people are reading to their kids in bed as the boat sinks.

I, of course, assumed that a giant asteroid was hurtling toward the earth. I mean, duh-- it was the only logical conclusion. At least we bought lots of water this week to clean the fish tank was my first totally stupid thought.

My friend Sarah said she also thought asteroid.

In conclusion, I am a little on edge about 2012 and need to lay off the 90s-era disaster movies. Maybe should get some Xanax.

The end.


  1. Had I not heard about it on Facebook first due to Gradeapalooza 2011, I would have also freaked out.

  2. You were one of 3 people who immediately thought asteroid, which I find most amusing because I don't know that asteroid would have been my first thought.

    Honestly, I might have thought epidemic leading to zombies had we not been told via text what was happening.

  3. Thanks to the fact we DVR almost everything and we were watching shows from earlier in the week, I only heard about it on Facebook AFTER the announcement... I am glad he is gone, but I don't think much will change unfortunately.

  4. I too knew the gist of what he was going to say before the announcement, but only because my MIL called to tell us and I turned on the news. Being on Pacific time sure helped in this case -- it was between 7 and 8pm when everything started. I definitely would have assumed something terrible and given myself a stomach ache had I not known in advance what he was going to talk about.

  5. I somehow missed the entire thing - despite being in front of the tv like everyone else. I guess cable wasn't in on the big news so whatever channel we were watching didn't feel like announcing anything.

    Didn't hear about it until this morning when my husband texted me. And that is about all the fanfare I feel that announcement deserves

  6. Like a dutiful American my FB status during that moment was "Making Pillows" because I was and had NO idea anything historical was going on at all.

    I'm terrified for 2012. And I've mostly been watching Friday Night Lights so it may not be your movie choice. Just a thought.