Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger was down-- not my fault-- NaBloPoMo still on

Due, you guys. Blogger shut down from 5-11 until now. In fact, you will notice that most of your awesome comments on our house post and on my latest swim lesson rant are gone, and so is the whole sim lesson rant. Blogger assures me that my post will be re-added today, so let's see if it is.

Anybody have any suggestions for backing up my blog? Becca suggested making a Wordpress blog, and I think I will do that. I am also archiving it all on my hard drive (and my back up hard drive) but that's kind of a PITA. I looked into printing it into volumes, but that'll be about 1K, so, um, probably not gonna happen.

Thanks for all the Facebook birthday wishes! Ben got me some super cute maternity sundresses and an adorable t-shirt that says "We love the Cubs." He and I are going out for pizza and to see Bridesmaids later tonight. My criticism students gave me a giant pile of take-home exams, so I look forward to grading those while the kiddos fight-- uh, I mean play.
Jack was so cute the other night watching t-ball:

He spent a lot of time kicking back on the grass and looking at the clouds, or, as he called them, "the animals in the sky."

Uncle Jon sent him a Thor costume for his birthday, and Jack LOVES it:


  1. That Blogger thing was a PAIN. Mine is now backed up in Wordpress. If this ever happens again I'm going to move over there.

    Jack is edible. So, so cute.

  2. Happy birthday! Today is mine as well, and that means that I started reading and loving your (and Becca's) blogs exactly one year ago today. Hope you had a great day :o)

  3. Sarah (and Becca), try "download them all" through Firefox. I periodically back up my blog that way. It saves everything and you can access it as a HTML file on your harddrive. Sam and I lost our personal computer shortly after we were married (wedding, honeymoon, and baby Frankie pictures all gone!)