Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ahhh, summer break.

We began our day by taking Harry to school, and he was sooooo excited to go because not only did the whole school gather in the music room to sing special songs for the chef (it was Chef Tom day apparently), but his class went on a field trip to a pet store today (where they ate lunch, which I find mildly disgusting) . Jack went with Ben and me to Panera for second breakfast and then to the children's hospital to meet with the pediatric ENT to whom we were referred after Jack's last check up when our doctor marveled at the size of his tonsils and speculated that he probably also had the world's biggest adenoids.

The ENT thought we probably would be very happy with the results if we had Jack's tonsils and adenoids removed, but he said that since Jack's only symptoms of distress are mouth breathing, snoring, and a constantly runny nose (because the snot doesn't have room to drain anywhere else), we don't HAVE to go for surgery. So we're not. For now. Jack, by the way, had no clue how close he came to going under the knife.

(Oh! The doctor also asked up if he'd ever had any food or eating issues, and we were stunned! We thought he had oral sensory issues, but he probably just couldn't figure out how to breathe and chew at the same time when he was little. Poor guy. I wonder of his adenoid issue is also why he hates the water-- maybe he can't handle water all up in his cavities.)

After that, we took J back to school, and hit the golf course. After a leisurely 9, we had lunch at our favorite greasy spoon and went home to relax before meeting our realtor to discuss a sales plan for the next 60-90 days.

Summer is the best.


  1. Still jealous over here. Summer is no break around here. Also, it's so hot you can't go outside. Whee!

  2. Love it! Do you ever have moments where you think to yourself "Shit! When did I become such an adult?" That's totally what I thought when I read about your day. It's how I feel when C and I talk about "our insurance needs."

    What do they feed kids at a pet store?

  3. Jen Selock8:22 AM

    Both of my kids are minus their tonsils and adnoids, both also have had multiple sets of ear tubes as well. They are both thriving and healthy(outside of Owen's scarlett fever this month) I'm not going to lie, the recovery SUCKS, trying to give them tylenol #3, SUCKS, because it's the nastiest tasting medicine out there. BUT once their wounds heal, they feel and act differently and this is a good thing.

  4. Valerie9:01 PM

    ENT wanted my water-hating, oral-sensory seeking kiddo to have and/tons removed too... (but we haven't)