Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Freezing T-Ball

Freaking Wisconsin. Here it is May 3, and we had to wear our winter coats to tee-ball. Which? Very cute, I think. I didn't get to really concentrate because I was sitting on the world's coldest bleachers. Everyone else was wrapped in quilts and fleece blankets. They must have lived here longer than me because I was unprepared for such wretched tee-ball weather. I didn't take any pictures of the actual playing because I was too freaking cold and using my camera would require me to take my hands out of my pockets, which I had to do a few times anyway to wipe Jack's runny nose-- the kid always gets a runny nose when it's cold-- while he sat in the dirt happily playing super hero squad with a collection of plastic figures he referred to as "squadies." Can't join this tee-ball league until you're 4. Which sucks because by the time Jack's 4, Harry will have moved on to coach pitch, and I will have to freeze my ass off for 2 separate spring training sessions and entertain an 8-month-old.

Ben went on a field trip to a farm with Jack's class today. It sounded like a major hassle-- he had to install Jack's car seat and the car seat of the other little kid he had to watch on the bus. Ben hates installing car seats in the first place, which means I usually have to do it, but I am usually just a little too stupid to do it right, so then we both have to do it with lots of cussing. He took lots of pictures, but I think he wants to blog about it himself, so I'll hold off.

I have reached that time in the semester when I am waiting for shit to grade. Thursday, I get 17 10-15-page research papers, and then next Friday on my birthday, I get 17 10-page take-home exams. But right now is the calm before the storm, so I prepped my summer class today. Big fun. I remember when I was a TA and had 80 students a semester. How the hell did I DO that? Now I have one class capped at 20, and I am always bitching about grading.

Harry would prefer to be called Rocket when he plays tee-ball, by the way.

Here are a few random pictures of the kiddos at the park after practice IN WINTER COATS and one of Harry at the mall where we went after practice because they wanted ice cream, which seems like a logical post-ball treat, but it was so freaking cold. The best I could do for them was Potbelly shakes and some window shopping.


  1. I cannot imagine. It was 50 here yesterday and the city about came to a standstill. I for one was thrilled to make chili and chocolate chip cookies one more time. Today it was a 75, though and we all went to t-ball in shorts. I'll be begging you all to kill me in August, though. Maybe I should come to WI then.

  2. what is up with spring this year? it's like the weather decided "hey winter was so fun, Imma just go right back into fall." So annoying! I'm not saying I want summer to get here or anything (I do NOT do hot!), but something other than cloudy, damp and 45 degrees would be nice. oh, and super windy. I'm pretty much over the ridiculous winds out here.