Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Spring Broken: Our Staycation Week

We packed a lot of fun into 4 days at home together!  And by together, I mean me and the kids because Ben-- the lucky bastard-- went back to work.

Bunny bait was seriously the MVP of staycation.
 The ice cream gift cards the kids got for Christmas were really handy, too.
 The library was its usual afternoon-saving self.
 (I snagged this from the walk-in shelf-- cannot wait).
 Sherlock Gnomes was horrible, but it was 2 hours where no one screamed at me, and we were the only people in the theater, so there was no need for decorum
 Found this on my phone.  Blue steel.
 We needed to get a little more cash for the babysitter on the way home from trivia, so I ran into Wal -Mart, thinking I would buy a pack of gum and get an extra $20 when I checked out.  but instead, I ran right into the easter egg coloring display and snagged eggs, dye, and vinegar for $4.87.  that $4.87 kept the kids busy for almost an hour.  And also ruined some clothing.  Erm.

 We went to the student union to bowl, which is SO CHEAP before 5 pm and an awesome way to entertain 4 kids at once, especially if you buy them ice cream, nachos, and a pitcher of orange soda.  2008 me would lose her shit over that menu, by the way, but 2018 me has GIVEN UP.

 So cool she only bowled with shades on.

 Cooper filled an entire composition book with stories.
 This one speaks for itself:
 I tried to put Harry to work.
 But he mostly laid around and watched The Office.
 Vacuuming was my SAHM zen.
 The neighborhood kids came out for basketball.
 So I made them a snack. (and then spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up plastic cups that randomly blew out from behind bushes one at a time with intervals in between when I thought all the cups were cleaned up which was weird and don't get me started on the fruit snacks because kids are assholes.  My kids specifically)
 Our favorite library had a showing of Ice Age that we attended-- and it was fun despite Dorothy's scowl.

 And!  All 6 of us saw Ready Player One!! I read and loved the book.  Then we all listened to it on the way home from Hilton Head, and we have been pumped about the movie ever since.  We liked the move, but it diverged from the book quite a bit, so if you are a purist, you might not like it.
In true Ready Player One spirit, we hit up a vintage arcade and played the day away, too.

All in all, it was a  packed break, and I think we are all rested and relaxed and ready for the real world

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