Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Easter with the Jews

I don't know about you, but our easter weekend was a total BULLSEYE.  See what  did there?
We decided that we had been home for like 3 days and we might as well pile into the car again.
In a fit of breathtaking stupidity (sort of my speciality), I ate this salad on my lap.  Messy.
My mom made a super cute Easter table craft
Cooper READ this WHOLE BOOK out loud with voices!
We all went out for pizza.
And you guys!  That was just Friday night!

On Saturday, ben and I took the kids on a tour of our favorite cheesy hangouts, and it was a truly fun day,  We felt like tourists in Peoria, even.

But first, we had to keep Dorothy and Cooper from ruining things or bothering my mom while she cooked a magical roast.

And check.
Stop one: Our old favorite bar for apps and darts.
And maybe a trip through the bloody Mary bar.
Dorothy's talking dog came too because WHY WOULDN'T HE?
Then the boys played whiffle ball on the Bradley quad and Dorothy and I took a tour of the Bradley library, my favorite place in the world when I was in high school at speech camp and when I was in college.  When I was a kid, online databases like Lexis Nexis and ProQuest were just becoming a thing.  I did a lot of research for speeches using the hardcover Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature and BOUND copies of the magazines and journals referenced therein.  I was delighted to find that the stacks still looked (and smelled) the same.
But!  There were only about half s many as there used to be.  The rest of the library is open spaces, flexible seating, and whiteboards.
Dorothy loved it and can't wait to go to college.
Good luck, student who wrote this, but I feel like maybe you were not maximizing your study time...
Dorothy and I read new-release picture books in the curriculum section and spied on the boys' whiffle ball game.  Ben said the highlight was when he hit a home run and then a gust of wind blew it behind home plate from all the way out in the outfield.
I TOTALLY had these when I was a kid!
Next stop was The Burger Barge for beer, apps, and arcade games.  I still drink all of these "retro" cocktails, BTW, but I do appreciate the old-timey prices.
So many tickets!
She met a few kids her age and played store and clearly loved it.
She's a total gamer.
Pop rocks= MIND BLOWN
Cooper was so sticky wearing this candy bracelet, as you might imagine.
We followed the arcade with our new favorite pasttime: bowling.  But this time we went to the same lanes I used to go to for GYM CLASS where there was just enough time to bowl half a game after the bus ride and a stop by the concession stand for Pepsi and chips.  Erm.

No nostalgia tour would be complete without ice cream and our favorite park on a 40-degree day, right?

We came home in time to watch the Michigan game and have a lovely dinner.
The kids found early bunny treats in the form of movie theater gift cards (THEIR FAVORITE) on their plates.
And the roast!  Was magical!
So were the brownie sundaes.  Also, I think Cooper is licking Harry's wrist.  Our kids have top notch manners.
Gee.  I can't find Cooper anywhere.
Happy Easter Fool's day!
Speaking of!  The EB thought he was ordering the kids' stuff to be shipped to my parents' house, but surprise!  He sent it home instead!  So we got to buy more stuff!  How awesome!

As you can see, the kids had a terrific time finding their baskets and hunting for eggs which looked like someone had just stepped out into the lawn in the freezing cold and sort of thrown them up in the air.  Weird.

Time for a healthy breakfast!
Gizmo is super scared of the kids.  AS HE SHOULD BE.
LOOK HOW WHITE MY TEETH ARE.  Also, I love these little stacking chairs my mom got for V-day.
She's too much.

Gas station Wendy's!
The Crystal Ball Frappucino is TERRIBLE.
Oh my gosh!  Easter presents at home, too?!

Ben's mom sent him an Easter goody:
It's cute on her, though

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