Tuesday, April 10, 2018

It's snowing; let's get ice cream. Spring in Wisconsin.

I usually don't care about or talk about the weather much except maybe as a way to begin and end office hours meetings or something.

But, damn, it really is terrible here.

You know what else it is?


Harry is double-fisting below because I could not resist birthday cake ice cream (with BUTTERCREAM FROSTING mixed in) but I really didn't want to eat the whole scoop.
 Cooper LITERALLY did not know he had an ice cream beard. Also, none of us read the fine print and understood that his ice cream had espresso.  Oops.  Note: Not the best after-dinner snack.
 Ice cream selfie success!
 This is a rare photo of BEN PACKING LUNCHES.  I love it!  He tried to claim incompetence by asking me the kinds of questions designed to relieve him of his duties, but I!  Stayed strong!  And the kids got cold mini-corn-dogs and tater tots and then I ate the rest of the vanilla sandwich cookies from Aldi which are BEST vanilla sandwich cookies, so I feel like everyone was a winner.

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