Thursday, April 05, 2018

18 in 2018: Nailed it Failed it March Update

1. Blog everyday: NAILED IT!
2. No FB 9-5 M-F: FAILED IT.  Gah.
3.  Read 100 books: Another banner reading month!
4.  Read Poetry: Yep.
5.  Table Setting: NOPE
6.  Book plot/writing: YES!  Nailed it!
7.  Print Pics: Nailed it!
8.  Track Spending: SUCH A BIG FAIL oh my lord.
9.  Post on Insta and 1SE: Nailed it.
10:  Have a dinner party: Failed it.
11.  Let the kids entertain more at home: Nailed it, if the driveway counts
12.  Write poetry: NAILED IT.
13.  Volunteer for candidates: FALED IT.
14.  Clean the closet + maintain it: FAILED IT.
15.  Family movie night:  FAILED IT but only because of vacation, so that's not, like, a REAL fail, right?
16.  Paint the downstairs and fix the bathroom:  Hahahahahahahahahaha
17.  Harmonious mornings:   Um.  Sometimes.
18:  More date nights:  NAILED IT!!

I didn't just print them-- I FRAMED THEM and made a photobook from our trip AND made Jack a photobook for his birthday.  I mean!

I need to do a little thinking about the ones I keep failing.  Did I just put them on the list to reach 18?  Am I ever going to actually do them?  Do I care?

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