Monday, April 02, 2018

What We're Eating This Week 14/52

WHO THE EFF KNOWS because we are in Pekin all weekend for Easter and then I go back to work, so when is the grocery fairy going to show up, huh?  Huh?

I work late, so the family can scrounge for themselves.
I really want to take advantage of $5 Tuesday to take the kids to see Love, Simon, so we need to eat fast.  I am thinking cheese and veggie quesadillas with chips, guac, and fruit and movie candy for dessert.
Ben works late and then there's baseball practice, so deli sandwiches, apples, pasta salad, and brownies.
I have a late meeting, so I will make sure Ben has frozen options like corn dogs, tater tots, and mixed veggies.
Dorothy and Jack's birthday party!  So, cake and ice cream and pizza.  MY FAVORITE.
Finally!  We will finally get back in our family movie Friday routine (ON A SATURDAY-- shut up), and I am craving pizza from our local bar, with maybe a couple of vodka lemonades to go.  I assume the kids will still have Easter basket candy to devour, but I might have eaten it all by Friday.

I love that I am in the middle of a period where I plan for us to eat garbage. I am totally winning motherhood.  Pizza two days in a row!  That's a new nutritional low, even for me.

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