Monday, April 09, 2018

Happy birthday Jack AND Dorothy: The Friend Party Edition

We decided to capitalize on the barely a month between Dorothy ad Jack's birthdays and throw them a joint party.  This was a tiny bit tricky because Dorothy is turning 5, and Jack is turning 10, and they don't really like the same things.  But!  We used the same giant play place we've used for a couple of previous parties because it is huge and good for a wide range of kids, bought 2 separate cakes and decoration themes, and chose neutral favors and SUCCESS!

I have been trying to avoid giving total junk for party favors and so far my fave is ice cream gift cards.
 I so added coupons for free bowling games because who doesn't love bowling?
 A couple of Target cakes, some juice boxes and water bottles, a mound of cuties, a giant box of Goldsfish, and a bunch of pizza.  BAM!  Party.

 The birthday kids:
 Look!  It's the old man from Up!  J/K-- we also handed out balloons with the gift cards.
 Girl cake
 Boy cake
 HUSBAND COACHED? No thanks, Bradley Method.  That sounds horrifying.  We all know I like my husband in the other room watching a movie.  Erm.
 Even the siblings loved it!
 2 hours, though?  Is a long time for a party.
 A little bssy
 Jack, upside down.
 And swinging!
 And in a barrel.
 Cooper, who spent most of his time jumping off this platform while twirling in a circle.
 The rope swing is really fun, you guys.
 But not as fun as rolling Harry in a barrel

 Party favors:
 All Ben wanted to do pretty much all night was play this game, but there was always a kid inside.
So, he made do with Pogo Ball,
 As did I.  Also, I thought my hair was OK, so I bumped my cut and color back and then I realized that it's yellow in the back, so oops.
 Cooper was also fun to roll in a barrel.
 2 peas.
 Look at the blurry kid leaping into the pic-- love it!
 I asked Harry to take pictures of Dorothy blowing out her candles and got a ton of these:
 The bakery guy at HyVee told em tout the cake using dental floss.  GENIUS.  I will always do this from now on!

 They waited so patiently to open all of their gifts-- and their friends got them such lovely, thoughtful presents.

Two great parties!  In one!

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