Thursday, April 26, 2018

LIFE HACKS! The April Edition

You guys!  Dorothy and Jack are like a month apart.  WHY NOT HAVE ONE BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR BOTH OF THEM?

This was GENIUS.  We had a big party place and sent out 2 separate Evites, got 2 separate cakes and types of decorations and did everything on one night!  It was still expensive because birthday parties are expensive, but OMG!  So much easier and more delightful.  Why haven't we ever thought of this before, and how else can we combine celebrations going forward?

Also!  Birthday party favors!  This year, we did balloons, ice cream gift cards, and bowling free game cards.  Like $7/kid and NOT JUNK!  I highly recommend this hack.

In non-birthday-related hack news:  BOWLING is really fun and a pretty cheap way to entertain the kids.  We have been going so often I am thinking of getting our own shoes.  I KNOW.

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