Friday, April 20, 2018

Crunch time!

It's that time in the semester.  You know, the time that proves the Eliot quotation about April being cruel.

So much to do.

So many meetings.


This week is the Week of the Young Child, a phenomenon that always cracks me up because isn't every week the week of the young child? It is around here anyway.

To celebrate, Dorothy's preschool has been having dress up days, like costume day!
Favorite team day!
And also pajama day!
She's a fan of dress up days, NEEDLESS TO SAY.

Harry and I are keeping up our Tuesday adventures.  We went mini-golfing again because there's just not that much to do around here, you guys.  WE TIED.

 Cooper thought he was being annoying scratching my back with his Black Panther hands, but actually?  It was awesome.
 They played Jumanji and were pretty sure they were going to get stuck in the game.  Spoiler: THEY DID NOT.
 Beatrix is getting her spring coat and is really itchy and shedding everywhere and really enjoys being touched all night long.

 Luckily, she has a Harry
In case you were wondering, dance continues to be adorable.
 Look how hard she;s squeezing that glitter.  Ha!

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