Monday, April 16, 2018

Happy Double Digits to Jack!

Jack is 10.

Just one hot second ago he was a colicky infant.  Do you guys remember that?

And then he was a fat and silent toddler.

A serious little preschooler.

A kindergartener.

Yesterday he was in second-grade, I swear to you.

But no, that can't be right because he is almost a FIFTH GRADER, which means he is starting his LAST YEAR of elementary school in the fall.  I cannot even.

When Ben's grandpa died on the way home from Harry's first birthday party and we went to the funeral and saw his 4 sons pull together around their mom, we put our child spacing plans on hold and tried to have another baby right away despite our tiny house and my dissertation.  Jack was the joyful fulfillment of that dream and the beginning of our understanding of ourselves as a loud and raucous big family.

He's our most easy-going child (except when he is suddenly not, but those moments aren't too regular), and he's so funny, understanding jokes that should be way over his head and interjecting the most droll things with perfect comic timing and deadpan delivery to die for.

He loves to wear fancy clothes and has a complicated grooming routine that includes all of his "spritzes."

He is so nice to his little sister, and he worships the ground Harry walks on.  He still loves stuffed animals and playing with action figures, and his imagination is unmatched.  He loves to cook and also watch cooking shows with me, and he's my grocery shopping buddy every Saturday.

He is so proud of himself when he excels in school, and he is slowly but surely becoming a serious little reader.

We are so lucky to have Jack, and we are thrilled to celebrate his milestone birthday today-- it's going to be epic!!

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