Monday, April 23, 2018

Weekends: Not for Relaxing, Apparently

College students always say their weekends start on Thursday, so what the hell?  I'll pretend like mind do, too, even though I work a long day most Thursdays.

I started with my very favorite lecture:
 It's FINALLY nice outside!  So I FINALLY did what I always say I am going to do and went for  darn walk when I started to hit the midday procrastination spiral.  And!  I am so glad I did because look at this weird thing that I saw!
 Also, I didn't eat my healthy/semi-healthy snacks, but  sure did eat the coffee shop cookie purchased on my walk.  Which, OF COURSE, calls the whole walk into question.
 Henry came over for dinner on Thursday-- so of course we took a cousin pic.
 They even played basketball in the snow.
 Friday morning breakfast was EXHAUSTING.
 Shorts weather!?
 At least one child has the good sense to wear  a coat and boots.
 She spent the entire drive to school lip-balming her face and arrived very shiny.
 We made a trip to the NFA national speech tournament in Oshkosh and brought the Bradley kids a pinata that, in my defense, looked smaller at the store.
 SPRING IS HERE!  We can finally go to the park!  This is YUGE.

 I love the ball in the bush.
 Friday was family movie night.  make-your-own pizza with extremely sticky but also extremely excellent bread-machine dough.  It's always a hit.

 Beatrix spent quite a bot of time licking a package of bacon.

Dorothy fell asleep during Wonder Woman, but the rest of us loved it.
 We also adored UW-Oshkosh.  There's an excellent game room in the basement of the union with board games and pool, and the kids had an excellent time.
 They also got to go to the cafeteria and get lunch in trays, which continues to be their major favorite.

 Jack and I went grocery shopping as soon as we got home while Ben, Dorothy, and Harry hung out at home, and Cooper went to a sleepover with his BFF.
 I powered through my book club book and then spent the next 18 hours hating my family until I got to talk about the book with my friends, which totally helped.
 When I was cleaning the house, I noticed that our ottoman is a total piece of crap and needed to be replaced a couple of years ago.

The dog had SHREDDED the top.
I feel like Target has my back with a couple of solid options.

Thoughts?  Ideas of other places to look?

 What weekend would be complete without COOOOOOOKIES?


  1. I think the round floral is too small for the space (and too small for Beatrix to sleep on). The oatmeal one is fine but plain.

    Try Tons of options, free shipping, reasonably priced (and frequent sales). My mom and I have both purchased furniture and rugs from Wayfair and are quite happy with our items.

  2. Just remembered my brother purchased a set of outdoor “living room” furniture from and they love it.

  3. I’d second wayfair or overstock. I think your two options are too small. Also try your local Facebook sale page. I feel like a lot of people sell these. That’s where I got mine (not upholstered though.)

  4. Lisa R.4:33 PM

    Do you have HomeGoods? TJ Max? Marshall's? Usually HomeGoods is the best of the three as far as furniture. You could also try Amazon Prime.