Thursday, April 12, 2018

All weekend, I just wanted to drink a cup of tea and read a darn book

I tried to read my book first thing Saturday morning, but I made the mistake of getting up to snag a cup of coffee (which would have made the book in bed experience sublime), and the children invaded.
I thought maybe I could curl up for a little bit after breakfast because we didn't have a lot on our agenda.

But then Cooper squeezed one of his hatch-in-water Easter basket dino eggs a little too hard, and clean up was more involved than I anticipated.
I think my face says it all.
And, of course, there were Thank You notes to write

A decoupage kitty to make

and display.

A house to clean, groceries to buy, a scary movie to see with friends, etc etc etc.

But!  I finally in between all of the crap that rushes to fill up all the time I can possibly give it-- and even the time I DON'T give it-- I read 2 great books:

And, I think I learned a really important lesson about weekends:  If I want to have time t lounge, I need to be selfish about it and claim in FIRST because it might not be there waiting for me when all of the work is done.  You know?

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