Friday, April 06, 2018

Not a bad week back after all.

Re-entry was cruel this week, but it started with an awesome text/pic from Jack's teacher on Monday telling us she just did Jack's reading assessment and for the first time ever he was AHEAD of the grade level.  This came at a terrific time for Jack, too, because he loves Percy Jackson books so much but he wasn't feeling confident about reading them even though he totally can.  And then this happened, and now he has his book with him everywhere he goes.  LOOK HOW PROUD HE IS!
 Another thing that helped was Old Style Light and framing some spring break pics.
 Oh, Cooper.  So cute.  Such a jerk (sometimes).
 Love, Simon!  It was GREAT!  I am so happy I took all of the kids-- they loved it, and so did I.
 Dorothy has a thing for Cooper's Wookiee jams.  I support it.
 This was my favorite $3 Aldi find in forever.
I took my hair out of its headband and WINGS
 Lemond pound cake.  1/2 of us loved it.
This tea!  So sweet and calming.  I have been drinking it every morning when I start to get the coffee shakes.
 Cooper and Dorothy will do anything for the promise of one of these.
 Speaking of will do anything for chocolate, Cooper got totally dressed and packed his shit up for school and went outside and SHOVELED the DRIVEWAY and SIDEWALK
 Also, yes, Wisconsin sucks so bad.  That's how it looks out the window.

Meanwhile, the other kids were total loafers:

 She's tough-- shorts in the snow!
 A little Little Gym homework
 Ready for summer!
 Beatrix stole and ate a yogurt.
 Look at that smile while she practices her dance routine!
 More Wookiee
 Dorothy and Jack made a playlist for their birthday party and decided to listen to it.  They couldn't stop dancing!

 Pattern mixing like a boss.

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