Tuesday, January 09, 2018

One More Lazy Day

I am not going to lie to you.  I mean, I actually NEVER lie to you.  I was excited to send the kids back to school last Wednesday.

But!  I rallied my winter break spirit and had one more fun day.

Since that fun day coincided with $5 Tuesday, we saw Ferdinand, which I had ZERO desire to see.  I t was pretty OK, though.  I initially forgot to buy myself a ticket, but then when I did, I had to get one in another row, and Jack begged to sit by himself.  Ha!
 I looked over at Dorothy to discover she had her coat on and Uggs off.  Erm.
 You know, we should just have Cooper wear a helmet all of the time.
 I am late to the party, but Ben finally convinced me to watch the first season of The Crown, and he is re-watching it with me so we can enjoy season 2 together, and I lurve it.  We watch it ALL THE TIME.
 I was so excited about back to school that I packed everybody up on back-to-school eve.
 And then I drove Dorothy to preschool in my jammies.  WINNING.

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