Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Gratitude

Since I am ending the month with a list of stuff that didn't go so well, I thought it might be nice (healthy? balanced?) to include a few things I loved, too.

1. I had a lot of time to read many excellent books this month.
2.  I got to enjoy a couple of weeks at home without the kids.
3.  I started a new semester and remembered how much I love my job.
4.  Harry and I began our Tuesday adventures.
5.  Dorothy became a big kid overnight who can attend to all aspects of her daily toilet-- even hair brushing.
6.  Little Gym show week and dance class song-and-costume reveal.
7.  Valentine Mad Libs
8.  Creative day dates outside the ouse for me and Ben.
9.  Naps.
10.  We planned three vacations and booked two of them-- I love having trips on the calendar!!

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