Thursday, January 18, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up

 Dorothy is a huge fan of Harry and David (top) but NOT lobster in her mac and cheese (bottom)
 Jack, living the dream.  My dream, though.
 The ceremonial drawing of the family movie night movie:

 I love love love love ending my week at The Little Gym.  So does Dorothy (and Cooper-- in window)
 Moana was spell-binding. 

 Dorothy had a baby.
 Her name is Rose.
 Scary freaking birthday card Dorothy drew for Henry, who is 3!
 We had friends over for dinner, and Beatrix took a nap in her crate.
 Cooper finished up the brownies for breakfast
 Adorable Cooper had an adorable hockey game.
 Cooper and coach dad:
 I took Dorothy to a birthday party today, and the food was ADORABLE

 She had SO MUCH FUN
 So much fun that-- spoiler alert-- she'll be having her own party there.

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