Friday, January 26, 2018

Another hockey weekend.

 Last weekend, Ben and Cooper and Harry left us behind to go to Harry's hockey tournament.

Usually, the whole family goes to at least one tournament a season, but this one was 4 hours away, and everyone was staying at a Days Inn.  So.
 I stayed home with these two.
 And we literally stayed home.  Jack wore this most of Saturday.
 We took a brief break to play outside.
 Notice the little-sister-sized mudprint on Jack's back
 Before putting on jammies and having pancakes AND cinnamon rolls
 While we watched Despicable Me 3
 Then Jack put Dorothy to bed (!) and he and I watched both 50 First Dates AND Paul Blart, Mall Cop.
 He even made breakfast the next day
 Before his hockey game
 Where Dorothy waited in a cubby.
Then we came home and Jack played with a friend; Dorothy played dolls, and I made two dinners and two desserts to get our week going.  Before we even knew it, the rest of the family was home.  A couple of years ago, the thought of spending a weekend alone with some of the kids would have been daunting, but these two are so old and easy now.  Same wit hBen-- Cooper was a NBD addition to his weekend.  As sad as I am about not having any babies in the house, these big kids are a blast and a breeze.  But don't worry-- puberty is about to screw all of this all up.

But in the meantime, Cooper's puking baby:

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  1. I love how the bigs have their arm around the little’s shoulder for pictures.

    May I adopt Jack?

    Have you shown them Six Pack yet?