Friday, January 12, 2018

Family Movie Friday!!

At our New Year's Eve lunch, we talked about our favorites from the year.  It was very fun and wholesome.  We took turns suggesting categories, and then we went around the table and supplied answers.  Things like favorite trip of 2017 or favorite thing that we did in Washington DC.  Family movie Friday came up a couple times as a favorite-- a favorite activity, a favorite part of the weekend, a favorite thing we all did together.  I thought that was especially awesome because we only started doing it in September.

As we talked about FMF, we decided to revamp it a little to make movie selection more fun.  We decided to give everyone 3 slips of paper to write movie choices on.  Then we put all of the paper in a bag.  each week, we will draw out a movie.  If your movie is picked, you get to write down a new one and throw it in, so you always have the same chance of getting your movie selected. We also decided to talk about the pizza for the week BEFORE I go to the grocery store, which seems like common sense, but you would be surprised.

Everyone was super into the whole project, and I don;t know about you, but I am waiting with bated breath to see what movie we'll pick next!

(Not really.  We will probably just have to watch Dorothy's movie because she'll cry).

I loved this happy movie-prep breakfast chaos so much that I took 2 pictures of it.

 You'd never know that people punched each other over sticker placement
 Dorothy left this here the other day, and I called it Fluffy Detritus, and then wished that was its name.
 New rule in our house:  IF YOU ARE HUNGRY, EAT A CITRUS FRUIT

Our first revamped move night was a smashing success.  The homemade pizzas were better than the ones from our favorite bar, and the movie was a YUGE HIT.

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  1. I love this so much. I feel like now that the kids are older and not so damned needy I am CLINGING to every fun happy moment because it's like I can feel our time all together slipping away (even though I have another eight years before one of them goes to college, which actually doesn't seem like a long time, you know?). All this to say, I find myself taking pictures of cute normal moments like breakfast prep too. Happy New Year!