Monday, January 29, 2018

Dumb Life Hacks I Should Have Known By Now

I imagine that this will be a series of posts because you guys for real. My life is not interesting enough to merit once-a-day posting.  And also I am pretty dumb for a grown up.  In the common sense department, I mean.  Next weekend, Ben is taking Harry to a hockey tournament, and the other 2 kids have hockey games around here while he's gone. I said I didn't know if I would be able to drive Cooper to his game, and Ben was like WTAF? But then he asked me where the new dentist office-- that I have been to TWICE-- is, and I was like oh it's over here by the bank and Whole Foods, and you know what?  IT ISN'T and I have BEEN THERE and drive by it on my way to work.  My brain just doesn't work when it comes to directions.  And other things that people are supposed to know, really.  Long story short (actually, it is still pretty long), Ben was like you know what?  Maybe you shouldn't plan on making it to Cooper's game.

Anyway, I have no hack associated with that.  People would say USE GOOGLE MAPS, obvi, but that also freaks me out because if Google maps leads me astray, I have no way of figuring out WHERE TO GO,  You know?

But all of that is an early morning tangent.

What I really want to talk about is LIFE HACKS I discover through my own stupidity/cheapness/by total accident

  1. I have been ham-fisting my eye makeup for about 25 years, and just the other day, when I smudged the hell out of my liner and looked even more run down because of the black circles under my eyes, I stumbled upon an excellent way to correct mascara and liner mistakes!  Put some of your precious eye-area wrinkle cream on a Q-tip and gently wipe off the mess.  Bonus: SKIN TREATMENT!  (I have done this before with makeup remover or cold cream, but then your face is a greasy mess and totally naked in part.  The wrinkle cream takes off the mascara/liner smudge but leaves the rest).
  2. There is an APP for MY LIBRARY.  Are you kidding me? Now I can put books on hold the very second they appear in my life.  THIS IS AMAZING. I think to celebrate this discovery, I am going to stroll Barnes and Noble, requesting the heck out of every book that catches my fancy.
  3. This is a Cub Scout hack-- and it makes me think that there are probably a million other Cub Scout hacks that I don;t know about because I have  barely dipped my toe in those waters, but you guys!  You can buy a Pinewood derby car kit that is totally easy and age appropriate!  It's amazing.  And only $9 with a Michael's coupon.  GAME.  CHANGER.

What do you have? Any life hacks you've stumbled upon this month?

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  1. I've learned a bunch from your blog, so I dunno that you're that hopeless :). Or maybe I'm in an even worse place than you are? OMG.

    Something I've started doing recently and seems to work is use half-pint mason jars to pack up dinner leftovers. The jars are too fragile for kids, but it's the perfect snack size for me and I can take them to work for lunch etc. AND--if I lose them (I always lose them), they're easily replaced.