Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A sick day for Cooper McGee

Last week, I was looking forward to my very last day of break.  I had big plans to do some writing and reading while snuggled under my huge couch blanket.

And then sweet little Cooper (ha!) woke up not feeling well.  Cooper is a kid who takes being a kindergartner very seriously, so I knew if he wasn't feeling well enough to go to school, he must really feel yucky.

I even took him to the doctor, you guys, which is not something I like to do, really, ever.  Cooper has the kind of asthma that's triggered by viruses, so when he gets a cough, it sounds pretty much like he is going to die.  So, I always think he is sicker than he is.  Which, last week, was not sick at all.

Still, I think he had a lovely day.

And you know what?  I missed working from the couch cuddled under my blanket, but I really loved spending time with just Coop.

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