Friday, January 19, 2018

Farewell winter break. I will miss you like crazy for the next 11 months.

My winter break is coming to an end!

Sad trombone!

I have been eating too much the past few days weeks, and my pants are getting snug.  Not disgusting muffin top tight like they were, but not pre-Christmas baggy, either.  I think actually getting the hell out of the house will, of course, be really good for me.  Especially since Ben and I are budgeting (BARF) and because it so cold-- I will barely be tempted to walk to the grocery store, coffee shop, or Walgreens visible from my office window.

The kids, though, had a really short winter break this year, and it has been INCREDIBLE to send them to school and then sit under a blanket on my couch with my dog whose snores are as calming as a water feature.  I have been reading (FOR AN OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY COMMITTEE, so shut up), getting ready for classes to start, and playing a really addictive phone game that I just deleted because I have spent actual dollars on it and because I think I just installed malware on my phone trying to get more diamonds.  (Again, SHUT UP).

So, of course, I am sad to see this epoch of sloth and gluttony come to an end.  I made a shitty infographic about my feelz:

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