Saturday, January 27, 2018

Baking and No Snowmen

One thing I didn't mention in my juggle post is all of the baking.  Desserts right now are keeping me anchored to reality--one foot in the warmth and bustle of home, maybe-- in a way they don't usually.  There is always time to make a cake, you guys.

Even if it crumbles because you impatiently took it out of the pan too early and then you have the brilliant idea of just making an extra batch of icing to fill in the holes, only the icing is a little too runny and also THERE'S TOO MUCH OF IT.  Not a metaphor.  Obvs.

I used this cake recipe, but I didn't have cream for the suggested ganache (and I have been baking so much that I have gotten in the habit of keeping whole milk or half and half in the fridge, but I forgot), so I made our favorite brownie icing instead.  Both were totally delicious.

Thus is how Dorothy sits when she eats, and I love her teeny toes.

 She chose her own lunch here.  CLEARLY.
 Finally!  A book Harry loves!
 When Ben shoveled snow before bed the other night, he came in all excited because we finally had snowman snow!  So at breakfast, I hyped the kids all up and assembled a bag of snowman facial features and raisin buttons, and they ran out to play and found... icy powder.  Oops.

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