Sunday, January 21, 2018

What We're Eating 4/52

I spent $186 at Aldi last week and bought TOO MUCH FOOD!

We literally could not eat it all for dinner and ended up putting stuff in the freezer.  How crazy awesome is that?!

So, this week, we are circling back around to eat some of last week's ideas.

Sunday: Chili, hot dogs, veggies and dip ($4 for dip and $8 for veggies.  $2/person)
Monday:Turkey pasta casserole with tons of spinach, garlic bread ($14 or $2.30/person).  We have 2 hockeys so this will be eaten whenever. Yum.  I think I will buy extra garlic bread-- the kids really like the crappy frozen kind-- so I can make that fresh for whoever is eating.
Tuesday:  Leftovers because LOTS OF HOCKEY to dodge. (ZERO DOLLARS)
Wednesday: The BBQ chicken, carrots, couscous, and apple crisp from last week, eaten after hockey when we are all crabby as hell.  CAN'T WAIT. (ZERO DOLLARS)
Thursday: Chicken salads with baked potatoes ($6 for salad greens, $2 for croutons, $8 for potato toppings $12 extra chicken or $30-ish or $5/person)
Friday: Harry has a late hockey game, so we are still figuring this one out.  Maybe a family movie afternoon after school with take n bake pizza before we head out? $18 for a couple of Costco pizzas?  Sounds about right.
Saturday: We might-- wait for it-- GO OUT.  I know right?  Cray-cray

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  1. What is your turkey pasta casserole? I’m looking for new ideas for busy nights and that sounds good!