Wednesday, January 10, 2018

No Routine Routine

My Mac startup disk was full, so I assumed, of course, that it was full because of all my pictures.  So, I thought maybe I should back it up-- because it keeps telling me that it has been like 800 days since my last backup-- and then delete some stuff.  

The reason, though, that it had been two years since my last back up was that I hate all things associated with backing up my computer and my pictures.  Which is so strange, you guys, because I love my pictures and have them in the cloud, on my hard drive, on another hard drive, at, on my blog, and on Google.  I mean.  

Anyway, it just wouldn't work, and I tried and tried and tried.  The computer didn't recognize my backup disk, and I couldn't figure out why but was pretty sure the disk was corrupt and all my pictures were gone forever. 

Finally, I emailed the computer guy in my office, and sent him a screen shot of the error message I was getting.  And the screen shot was blank.  He emailed back right away to tell me that.  

I told him I ran a scan of the hard drive to make sure it still worked (of course I did!) and that it had plenty of room.  He said I should turn Time Machine on and off try to re-select the disk. I emailed back right away to tell him I tried that, but it was grayed out and that turning Time Machine on and off did nothing.  I included actual screen shots that time.  And then he wrote back to tell me that I had to UNLOCK Time Machine to make changes to it.  (Which I did to turn it off and on but didn't do to select the disk). So I did that and it worked and I wondered if there is anyone in my office who is worse at this stuff than I am.  I bet not. But seriously.  One click of a button, a password, and another click of a button and my problem was completely solved.  SO ANNOYING.

And then!  I looked at my computer storage and found it was all "other" that was taking up all the room, so I deleted a bunch of cache folders and emptied my trash and bam!

That was literally what I did with my only free time of the day yesterday.  I didn't read a book or work on my novel or think about answering course emails or dust anything.  And you know what? It was SO STRESSFUL.  And I was also stressed about the time wasting.

Because!  I am not working yet, but the kids are back to school and Ben is doing his online adjunct work, and I just sort of walk around and clean up everybody's stuff and get interrupted a million times a day every time I try to do something for myself and have to be OK with it because I am not really doing anything anyway.  

I know as soon as I figure it out and get into a routine, it will time for me to start the semester, and I will go into another tailspin.  So, I am FOR SURE looking forward to that.
 Made brownies and used this icing, and you should, too.  The kids ate all the edges, and then I had big plans to devour the rest with a fork and The Crown, but I just didn't.  WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?  (I did eat a giant one at dinner, though).
 Pooping dog calendar IN THE KITCHEN.  Perfect.
 I needed to corral Dorothy before school, so I painted her nails, and she was SO STILL waiting for them to dry. ** insert evil laugh here**
 Then after school, I asked her what she wanted to do, and she said eat M&Ms out of her fancy bowl (my Pioneer Woman measuring cups) and watch Sing  again and again and make cookies.
We used this snickerdoodle recipe, and it was amazeballs.

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