Sunday, November 29, 2009


Sometimes I think Harry and Jack might really be puppies.

Border collie puppies-- you know, the ones that are smart but destructive and full of nervous energy who tear crap up if they are left to their own devices.

Maybe I should crate train them

But still. When they are sleeping. Oh when they are sleeping.


  1. So cute! Sometimes I think the only solution is to crate train them. Pack and Play maybe?

  2. We call Ethan "puppy" all the time. I wonder what it's like for parents of little girls....

  3. Well, when the little girl is a girl version of Ethan...then we also call her a puppy. Due to the licking. And the destruction. And the licking of the bowl when meals are done. Etc.

  4. if those pictures show the extent of destruction they get into, you aint seen nothing. :-) I love the Border Collie description - that is Izzy exactly!!