Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What would Lydia do? Probably tell these kids to get off her iron skirt.

It has been a year since I put pictures in photo albums, which totally freaks me out. I have been taking pictures, and I have been posting them and backing them up and even printing them, but putting them in albums? Nope.

I used to wait until my camera card was full to even print pictures, but I was ending up with hundreds of dollars in pictures every time I took my SD card to Target, so I finally got wise to the ways of Now every Monday, I upload pictures from the previous week and pick them up on my way to campus-- this way I am only spending 8-ish bucks at a time, and I am current on pictures always. Harry sometimes has to bring in pictures of himself that correspond to his units of study at school (a note about that-- he doesn't LEARN ABOUT things, he EXPLORES ABOUT them, and you better get it right, or he will get mad and stompy), and I was sending all these pictures of him as an 18 mont-old until I finally got it together and fell in love with Walgreens photo.

Even with this renewed commitment to staying current on my pictures, though, some event happens that renders my pictures totally out of date before they grace the pages of this blog. This time? We took our kids to SportsClips and had them shorn like little sheepies, so their long scraggly hair that they are rocking in these pictures? Gone.

Still, I love most of these shots because it is so trippy to see Harry and Jack frolicking on the lawn of my alma mater-- a place I never frolicked because A) most of my classes were in the Comm building on the other side of campus where these is no lawn B) I am not a frolicker and C) I was a little too surly to frolic much in college (see B).


  1. What fun! Your leaves are so pretty. I love taking kids to colleges!

    And our last printed photo features Wes in a sleep sack, so yeah, I'm a little behind too.

  2. It takes weeks to get my husband to take the pictures off the camera... Then it takes me weeks to sort through them and months to get them on our webpage. About once or twice a year we actually print them. So, don't feel bad!

    And it looks like y'all had a great time on campus frolicking in the leaves!

  3. those top two pictures (one of Jack and one of Harry) are just perfect.

    I haven't put pictures in an album in forever. ugh!