Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is what greeted me in Harry's cubby when I came to pick him up at school the other day:

A sweater covered in flubber. Apparently, he leaned into it or something-- I didn't listen too closely to the teacher's explanation because I was amazed that she thought I cared about the state of his clothes. I mean, it's a last season Children's Place sweater-- last SEASON. As if I mind a little flubber! I am just happy that it still sort of covers his wrists.

And then I got all paranoid wondering if I am that pain-in-the-ass uptight mom. And I might be. I mean I don't have him wear his Uggs to school because I think the fur would feel yucky with sand in it. Sometimes he arrives with a bit of product in his hair. He wears skinny jeans.

The director of the school even made sure she found me on the playground to give me printed instructions about how to remove the flubber with a wincing, "I see you found THE SWEATER."

Flubber is dissolvable in vinegar, which also made my washer smell fresh, and the removable instructions had arecipe for more! flubber! which we are definitely going to make because Harry LOVED it, and it's right up Jack's messy little alley, too.


  1. Hahaha. At Charlie's daycare they always ran out of outfits for him no matter how many I sent. Then I found out they were changing him every time he spit up and I had to tell them to just change him once midday and dab the rest off as best they could. Because, seriously.

  2. Apparently you need to dress them like you're frequent Pekin Walmart shoppers. Then maybe the principal wouldn't be worried about the clothes. I'm just saying. ;)

  3. That's good to know about flubber ;)

  4. Flubber - Sounds like a blast!

  5. I am now totally wondering what they think I am at our preschool. because none of the other mothers will even talk to me, and I let izzy dress herself, regardless of whether she matches or not.

  6. i cannot wait to make the flubber! I didn't know they made skinny jeans for preschoolers--I wonder if they'd stay up on Ethan. Poor kid has his adjustable waist jeans cinched so tight he looks absurd.