Sunday, November 08, 2009

Dude, you guys, Jack is like so helpful these days

Except a really helpful 18 month-old is, actually, a giant pain in the ass.

No offense, kiddo.

But I rarely have 19 minutes or so

to change a trash bag.

I cannot even open a cabinet in the kitchen without him tripping all over himself to pull up a chair so he can rest his fat little elbows on the counter and assist my snack or meal prep. If I blow my nose, the kid is all over the toilet lid to hand me another tissue. When I make breakfast, he opens the low cabinet where we keep the plastic dishes and brings me every plate and bowl he can find. When I turn on the bath water, he dumps at least 64 floating toys in the water and gets out the soaps and lotions. ALL of them. He throws away every dirty diaper, rips as many clothes as he can reach off hangers every time we open his closet door, and fills my work bag with shoes when I leave my closet ajar.

But you know what he doesn't help with?

Cleaning up the toys. Hmph.


  1. So funny. Charlie is actually getting to be helpful in a more traditional sense. It only took three years, but now he happily throws away diapers, feeds the dog, changes the oil in my car, etc.

  2. I have a similar picture of Julia "helping" me with the trash can. It's why we had to buy one that locks itself shut, she was throwing away "trash" faster then I could catch up with. She also "helps" with laundry and screams in furry if I've done it without her.

  3. I love the pajamas -- Aidan has the same pair!

    I too wonder what it is about toys -- neither of my kids "understand" about putting the toys away either! (Yes, Zoe is still a bit young, but I'm sure she'll follow in her brother's footsteps!)

  4. tripod8:25 PM

    That's so funny! What a good helper. He is so serious.

  5. I'm jealous. My kids wouldn't help me if my hair was on fire. They'd be like, "I'm too TIRED! Call the fire department."

  6. adorable. Ethan likes to throw trash away. But this means he likes to rip up tissues and pages from magazines into tiny bits, pick up about half of them, and throw them away.


  7. AJU5 loves to help cook. Which - not so good when I am cooking at the stove. But, you got to love their effort! Maybe he will "learn" to really help soon!