Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jack: A Healthy Eater

I just signed Mr. Healthyeater up for one morning a week of nursery school at Harry's school. There's a cute little classroom for kids ages 18 month to 2.5 years-- mostly siblings of kids enrolled in the real school. It's a really great transition into the school's 2 year-old-program (the same one that Harry loved last year).

I almost didn't sign Jack up because he takes a morning nap with me at home while Harry is in school, and the "class" he'll be in is going to actually cut into my me-time. How selfish am I? Still, all the other parents couldn't say enough great things about the program, so I went for it. I actually had some stress-induced nightmares about the sign-up process because there are only 8 spots, and you had to call (or wait in line) at 9 this morning. I called from the elliptical, you know, since I was sweating anyway.

Jack is very excited to go to school. Every time I tell him he s going to school, in fact, he runs to get his coat. I say "in January," and he looks at me blankly. Silly babies. They have no sense of time.

All of the crap Jack is eating in these pictures is organic and has no yucky chemicals or preservatives, if that makes his chocolaty diet any better.

School for my little frozen bon-bon eater. Who knew?


  1. Yay for tiny preschool!!

    Wes missed the cutoff for his because his birthday was twenty-seven days too late. I was very displeased. He can go next year for three days a week and I don't know what I'm going to do with myself!

  2. One day a week sounds great - although I bet it will change your schedule at a little bit. But, it may mean the ability to go have some me-time where you aren't stuck at home!

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