Sunday, November 22, 2009

Behind Jack's scenes

Ever since the boys got their winter drippy nose (oh shut up! like your kids NEVER have seasonal runny nose and gross slime coming out of their faces and a little cough and NO THEY ARE NOT SICK and yes maybe if I stayed home full time they'd be less germy but probably NOT since they have a nanny, go to the gym playroom, and one of them is in school, so it's just a WINTER RUNNY NOSE) (yes, I am a little annoyed about the constant snot. Maybe a wee bit defensive, too). (I guess if I stayed home, stashed an elliptical in the living room, home schooled, and never let them out of their plastic bubbles they'd avoid the drip.) (zOMG! The Boy in the Bubble! Remember that movie?? Terrible, just terrible.)

Anywho, ever since he got a runny nose a while back, Jack has been in love with the tissue box, and he attempts this dangerous climb about 2600 times a day.

note the supah classy storage of Harry's potty seat-- that's where it GOES, people.

Then he falls down once he makes it to the carpet

and looks surprised every time


  1. Yes toilet climbing. It is impossible to avoid when you have a potty trainer and two continuously running noses (we have them too!). Wes fell off once and bonked his head really hard. He has learned nothing from that incident.

  2. We have a potty seat on the floor of all three bathrooms in our house and we have for the last two years. That's super KLASSY right there.

  3. tripod7:28 PM

    That's hilarious! Thank God he didn't fall until the carpet! Why does he always take off 1 sock and/or shoe?

  4. I love love love that he's got one sock on and one sock off.

    And what? That's exactly where Ethan's potty seat is. It doesn't go there? For real?!!!

  5. Forget the climb, your shower curtain is adorable!!! Where did you get it?

  6. i agree! what jamie said! awesome shower curtain!