Monday, November 08, 2021


 We had a busy weekend, and I only got irrationally mad ONE TIME when Ben did not intuit that I wanted my bagel sandwich grilled not just toasted right after I walked into Minnie's room to find all of her bows and head bands thrown (literally) around the room by Dorothy and Cooper for the third time in a single day. HOW HARD IS IT TO PICK UP THE HAIR NOTIONS YOU ARE FLINGING AROUND?

The time change sucked. Always. Still. Forever? WHY DOES IT HAPPEN? I WOULD RATHER HAVE MY DAYLIGHT AT NIGHT ANYWAY.

We kept everyone up really late on Saturday like a bunch of rookies thinking they'd sleep in but OF COURSE they did not and the day is so gd long. I DON'T ACTUALLY NEED AN EXTRA HOUR TO BE WHINED AT UNIVERSE THANKS ANYWAY OK. 

But. There's always a toddle to lift our moods:

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